Thanksgiving call to action

Dear friends,

Last week, students from across New York State came together to stake our claim in the fight against global climate change. We, along with young people across the country, agree that the most important thing students can do is ensure that our colleges divest from the fossil fuel industry. As we prepare to graduate and become an active part of our communities, we must do everything in our power right now to create the world that we want to exist in the future.

Students from over 50 colleges understand that divestment is the next imperative step in the movement to end the era of fossil fuel dependency. This Thanksgiving, let’s unify our individual campaigns in order to harness our collective power.

As we all head home for Thanksgiving break, we have the chance to show campus administrations everywhere that students are not alone. For the first time ever, we are calling on parents across the nation to support a student-run campaign. Not only are we connecting with campuses across the country, but we are connecting with those we (and our college administrators) are most thankful for: our parents! In the spirit of engaging more of our allies, creating unique and powerful ways to grow our movement, and activate those who support us, we are asking our parents to join us with a powerful message to our administrations: divest from the fossil fuel industry.

Ever wanted the opportunity to explain to your parents exactly what you’re up to at school? Now’s your chance! This Thursday, take a minute to talk to your parents about divestment. Let them know that the money your family is putting towards your education is supporting the fossil fuel industry, and that they can speak out and work towards a solution. Take a photo of your parents holding a sign about how they feel, and send it to any time on Thursday, November 22. We’d like photos to trickle in all day, so send it as soon as you can! Please include your family name and college in the subject of the email. You can also tweet your photo! Tag us @NYGreenumbrella and use #ParentsDivest!

Our goal is to get at least 40 photos from 8 colleges across the country. Will you take the next step? We look forward to seeing your photo!

DivestIC (Ithaca College)
DivestNOW! (Cornell University)
Responsible Endowments Coalition
The Green Umbrella: NY Youth for a Just and Sustainable Future

PS: Interested in signing on to our call to action? Email!

Sample Messaging

This is a great opportunity to continue unifying the national divestment movement. Let’s share our message to collectivize our power this Thanksgiving!

“Your College” Mom/Dad against fossil fuels! Divest now!

Tuition money should not support the very industries that destroy our planet. Divest now!

I’m thankful for solutions to climate change! Parents say divest now!

I’ve invested in my [son’s/daughter’s] future.  _____ [college], you should do the same! Divest now!


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