Administrative Correspondence: Rally to DivestIC!

Orange Square

The correspondence that we’ve had with the administration since the start of ELAN’s campaign (see these two posts) has led us to the email below, to VP of Finance and Investment Carl Sgrecci, President Tom Rochon, and Board of Trustees Secretary Nancy Pringle.

Please join us tomorrow, April 18th, at 12:05 pm on the free speech rock for our Rally to DivestIC so that we can show our administration that we are serious about divestment, and serious about inspiring agency and collaboration throughout our whole community.

April 15, 2013

From: The Environmental Leadership and Actions Network

To: President Rochon, Nancy Pringle, and Tom Grape

Dear Mr. Screcci, President Rochon, and Ms. Pringle

We would like to invite you to an on-campus event about which we are very excited. This Thursday April 18, at 12:00 pm at the Free Speech Rock, there will be a rally in support of divestment. We will be joining with every facet of the Ithaca College community: students, alumni, faculty, staff, and members of the greater Ithaca township. Each of these groups find themselves intractably motivated by a drive for climate justice, and each of them see divestment as a crucial tactic towards that goal. It is in this mindset that ELAN has invited these parties to the discussion regarding the appropriate and ethical use of Ithaca College’s endowment funds. It is also in this mindset that we are inviting you to join us at this event. We welcome you to witness the widespread support and momentum that this movement has inspired.

It is with complete transparency that we invite you to participate in this event, regardless of your compliance with our request, which are as follows:

a) We would like to invite President Rochon to accept the petitions we will be delivering during the rally.

b) We would like a commitment from Ms. Pringle to allow representatives of our constituency to present at the board meeting this coming fall.

c) And we are requesting that Mr. Screggici provide us with the complete list of companies in which our endowment is invested—information that we had previously agreed upon.

We will appreciate your presence at the rally on Thursday at 12:00, whether or not you come with a commitment to support our campaign. Please contact us with any questions.


The Environmental Leadership and Actions Network


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